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Complete productions, help with the final tweaks or additional production and instrument retracking. This service aids artists through the creative or technical hurdles standing in the way of their music reaching its full potential before its final release.  We provide an initial technical and creative review of your music to

define your needs, wants and how we can navigate to achieve them. Any additional musical elements that are needed to finish the song or replace existing sounds will be recorded from a vast collection of analog synths and drum machines. Rates will depend on the project - please inquire with a sample of your music and your vision for it.

When multimedia projects require something tailor made. Skilled and versed in the latest production techniques, working with a hybrid of analog hardware and digital technology creating a wide array of genres offering a sophisticated musical continuity - delivering unique high fidelity sound assets and music pieces to animate key messages through music for brands, films, commercials, corporate videos, games and multimedia projects.

Utilizing a range of creative disciplines, including photography, sketching, and graphic design, crafting unique visual assets for record labels international music releases and brands social media ads that inspire and engage. All works are crafted to be conceptual in their reactionary possibilities.


Audio Production or Visual Asset request can be made via the form. For any general questions you can contact us direct on email.

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