Recognising the the importance of working with a good mix to achieve the best results - each mix will be reviewed before mastering and feedback will be provided if needed to ensure we can help you translate your music in a meaningful and impactful way.

  • Once your music is submitted we will make a constructive assessment and contact you to confirm the date your mastering session has been scheduledand supply an invoice.

  • Processing times are dependent on current workload, usually a download link for your music is returned to you within 2-7 business days.
  • A revision on the original premaster is included for all services without additional charge.
  • New mixdowns and any additional versions (radiot edit) are charged at 50%. 


  • Name all tracks clearly (ie. Artist / Track Name, Mix / Part or Group Name).
  • Provide files as high resolution 24/32 bit. Accepted samlpling rate at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96.
  • Tracks / Groups should not be clipping, leave the maximum peak below 0 and remove any limiting or compression unless it is an essential part of the aesthetics of your music.
  • Leave on any processes that are creative ie. chorus, delay, echo, reverb.
  • Files can be sent via the contact form or a secure upload site like wetransfer to
  • Feel free to share notes and the vision for your music: if there is anything you’d like the mastering to highlight, anything you’re conscious of in the mixes or if you have any releases you’d like us to reference.


Stereo Master - 60€ per song
Stem Master - 110€ up to 8 stems
Mix and Master - 200€

Music Production & Sound Design - Please inquire direct

Inquire for special rates for EPs, LPs and ongoing collaborations ie. Label Mastering or Album Projects.

        Any further questions to discuss your project please contact us.